IntegrApp: Integral exercises

IntegrApp: Integral exercises

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You have the possibility to perform different assessments and math problems. Now you can solve integral calculus exercises, including the calculation of primitives of functions of one variable and antiderivative computation of functions of several variables. Infinite short and quick exercises. Practicing has never been so easy. And not least: Free!
Try to get as many points as you can in one minute. Accumulate streaks to quickly increase your score. If you want, you can upload your results to the ranking of the best players and compete to be the best of your friends... or of the whole world!

Oriented to pre-university and university students.

Integral calculus exercises - Functions of one variable:
- Simple integration
- Simple integration but with constants
- Integral of a sum of integrable functions
- Integral of a composition of integrable functions
- Application of a change of variable
- Proposal of a change of variable
- Application of integration by parts
- Proposal of integration by parts
- Integral of direct polynomial fractions
- Integral of polynomial fractions with simple real roots
- Integral of polynomial fractions with simple and double real roots
- Application of Barrow's rule
- Calculus of a function area
- Calculus of the area between two functions

Integral calculus exercises - Functions of several variables:
Antiderivative respect to one variable of a function when it is:
- The sum of two functions
- The product of two functions
- The composition of several functions.

With this application you can practice and improve your math skills through multiple choice exercises in a simple and dynamic way.

Your experience with this application can be with or without an Internet connection. That is, you do not need to be online or connected to the network to enjoy its interactive problems and exercises.

You no longer have to practice with countless spreadsheets. Now you will have on your device as many exercises as you want for different grades and courses, with the results available in a single click and with several wrong attempts until you hit and find the solution.

Training math is the best way to master your logical and analytical reasoning skills. Here you can carry out this training and you will also have at your disposal statistics of the percentage of successes and messages of encouragement to start the practice on the right foot.
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